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Central Vacuum Systems

Central Vacuum SystemsRemember when vacuuming used to be the noisiest part of housework? Not anymore.

A central vacuum‘s power unit is located outside your living area, which reduces vacuuming noise compared to standard portable vacuums. In addition, The National Safety Council points to environmental triggers – including particulate matter – as a risk factor in developing asthma. Both the EPA and the National Lung Association consider a central vacuum system to be a good way to reduce allergy-causing agents.

A central vacuum system is easy to install in a new or existing home. The PVC tubing can run through the attic, basement or cold air returns – then lowered or raised behind interior walls to inlet valves that are installed in strategic locations throughout the house (usually about one inlet for every 600 square feet). The central power unit is located in an out-of-the-way area such as a garage, basement or utility room, keeping the living areas quiet, clean and dust free.